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Arles's Roman marvels


In 90 AD, the Romans began adding an arena to the ancient city of Arles, modeled after the newly completed Colosseum in Rome.For centuries, it was a stage for gladiators, entertaining 25,000 spectators with the drama of combat. Today, it's celebrated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, a crown jewel of Roman and Romanesque Monuments, and a key landmark on the Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France.

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Before you reach the Mediterranean at France Miniature, take a moment at Orange's theater, a proud replica reminding us of its grandeur.

Miniature Arles amphitheatre

France's majestic mountains and  villages are not just a sight for tourists but a testament to the timeless beauty of stone and wood chalets.

Arles Lavandes

The Southeast

Traverse the Alps and visit iconic Savoyard villages, then head south to witness the Roman ruins that tells tales of our past. Let the gentle aroma of lavender lead you to the picturesque charm of Provencal cottages and the marina of St.Tropez. Embark on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea in just few steps !