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Mom and child playing the game 'La France des Legendes' at France Miniature
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18 Exciting Challenges to traverse France in Just One day !

Please note: Booklet available only in French

Engage with 10 pages filled with quizzes, riddles, and interactive games designed to take you and your children on a delightful journey across France. Recommended for children starting first grade.

This game booklet adds an extra layer of fun to your park visitr for just €3 more.

Le parcours de Stéphane Bern


At France Miniature, Stéphane Bern is your guide, accompanying you with his voice... Discover with him twelve highly emblematic heritage sites and delve into the lives of the great figures who have shaped history! From the arenas of Arles, the little queen of Gaul, to Mont Saint-Michel, marvel of the West, and the Palace of Versailles of the Sun King, Stéphane Bern also reveals the secrets of the history of the Haut Koenigsbourg castle, or the folklore of the city of Douai.

A unique opportunity to travel through France with a "guide like no other"!

Please note : Audioguide available only in French 

Stéphane Bern

How does it work?

Simply scan the QR Code with your mobile device and let Stéphane Bern enchant you with tales of these historic landmarks.