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History & Values

Miniature Amphitheatre of Arles at France Miniature

In 1991, France Miniature opened its doors to the public for the first time.

An old photo of France Miniature


France Miniature traces its origins to the collaborative vision of two individuals :

In 1991, The passion of Alain Pelras, a former civil engineer for minature trains, merged with Thierry Coltier's enthuasiasm for leisure parks, sparking the inception of France Miniature.

In the mid-1980's, the concept of a miniature park featuring trains began to form in Alain Pelras's imagination. By the late 1980s, he connected with Thierry Coltier, whose academic research delved into amusement parks across the globe. Coltier's finding underscored the popularity and appeal of miniature parks designed for both leisure and educational experiences.


A monumental park !

Today, France Miniature welcomes around 200,000 visitors annually to its vast 5 hectare map of France. It showcases 117 of the most beautiful monuments and sites in the country and features over 130 recreated lanscapes, including villages, castles, ports, train stations, and even a massive railway circuit!

It offers a perfect blend of fun and culture for all ages, whether with family or friends, allowing you to tour France in just one day.

Father and child in front of Miniature Notre Dame at France Miniature
Duck walking in front of miniature palace of versailles at France Miniature


For over a decade, France Miniature has been dedicated to preserving the nature. During your visit to France Miniature, discover  preserved flora and  fauna, insect hotels dotting the landscape, and even a chimney hive for safely observing bees in action.