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At France Miniature, combine fun with school programs !

Discover the regions and heritage of France through 117 monuments, ensuring you're well-versed in French culture and history

Our park offers 14 interactive and educational stations filled with challenges, hands-on activities, and intriguing puzzles, perfect for an unforgettable outing with children.

11 attractions to have a blast just like at recess!

Enhance your school outings with geography, history, and math through our unique educational offerings


Please note : available only in french

An addition to the park visit

For an hour, follow the guide on a journey through France's geographical and historical curiosities. A selection of about ten models is explained in detail. With a mix of anecdotes and legends, French monuments will hold no secrets from you!

Pre-booking required - Duration: 1 hour

€7.50 / person

From May 13 to July 5, 2024

Detailed conditions on request from your sales representative at 01 30 16 16 30 or at


Child building the model of a house at France Minaiture

Please note : available only in french 

An addition to the park visit

The one-hour model workshop offers children the chance to create a model based on regional architecture. Several models of typical houses are available to construct, representing various French regions: Breton, Provencal, Northern, or even an Alpine chalet. At the end of the workshop, each child takes home their model.

Pre-booking required - Workshop suitable for children from first grade - Duration: 1 hour - Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

€7.50 / child

From May 13 to July 5, 2024


Our models are realistic and easy to assemble. The selection of models is done in advance by the France Miniature animator, based on the children's age group. Group chaperones do not receive a model kit; they supervise and assist the children in building their models, alongside the France Miniature animator.

For detailed conditions, please contact our sales team at 01 30 16 16 30 or via email at

Tour eiffle picto


Please note : Available only in french 

An addition to your visit

Equipped with a special edition guide, students set off to discover the park. This guide, filled with illustrated articles and extra information, provides a fresh look at the miniature monuments, enriching their learning experience.

We offer two versions of the guide tailored to different educational stages:

  •  "Le Petit Quotidien" for younger students in elementary school.
  • "Mon Quotidien" for older students in middle school.

These guides, developed in collaboration with France Miniature, Playbac Publishing, and educators, are designed to complement the current school curriculum.


Pre-booking required - Detailed conditions on request from your sales representative at 01 30 16 16 30 or at

Your Day, Customized for You

From planning to execution, our dedicated team is here to ensure your visit is tailored to your needs, providing:

Expert Guidance

Our advisors are on hand Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, to assist with your visit plans.

Tailored Group Offers

We provide non-dated ticket deals and special perks on specific dates or periods.

Complimentary Entries

Kindergarten: 1 free chaperone for every 6 paying children. Primary, Middle, and High Schools: 1 free chaperone for every 8 paying children.

An Educational and Fun Day Out

Explore French landmarks, engage in educational activities, and enjoy attractions—all in a day of learning and fun

Free Coach Parking

Free parking access for coaches and buses.

Picnic Areas

A 300-seat covered picnic area, equipped with tables and benches near restrooms, is available for a peaceful lunch.

Group rates for specific dates



  • Billet promo From May 6 to June 7 (excluding May 20), and on Wednesdays and Thursdays from September 4 to October 17, 2024.
  • Billet saison Child ticket (up to 17 years inclusive)
  • Billet saison Additional adult / chaperone ticket (18 years and above)


Per child unit price

  • Immersive investigation "La France des légendes" 1-HOUR QUEST ON TUESDAYS FROM MAY 14 TO JULY 2, 2024
  • Model Workshop
  • Guided tour
  • Mon Quotidien et/ou Le Petit Quotidien