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Souvenir shop

Girl browsing the souvenir ship at France Miniature

Bring a piece of France back home!

Our boutique invites you to extend your journey with an assortment of books featuring France's iconic monuments and breathtaking landscapes.

Indulge in the sweet delight of salted butter caramels and a selection of gourmet specialties.

Discover magnets representing our diverse regions, collectible souvenir medals, or take home the DVD of your visit. A treasure trove of gift ideas awaits, catering to every budget!



On the outskirts of the French map, a mix of indoor and outdoor attractions awaits, offering fun activities for families to enjoy together. From challenges and acrobatics to thrills and laughter, there's something for everyone.

Convenient amenities are also on hand, including restrooms, picnic areas, restaurants, snack bars, reception areas, and a shop for souvenirs.

Attractions & services