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View of the restaurant les provinces at France Miniature


Savor traditional cuisine nestled within our park, where local and regional flavors meet in a natural setting. Whether it’s lunchtime or snack time, it’s a delightful indulgence for all food lovers.


La Gourmandine - Le Snack

Here, you’ll find a variety of options for both takeout and dine-in, including hot and cold sandwiches, snack burgers, fries, and the option to enjoy your meal indoors or on the terrace.

For those with smaller appetites, discover our selection of takeout or dine-in treats: sandwiches, crepes, waffles... ideal for a quick lunch or a tasty break. 

Open daily throughout the season.  

La Gourmandine France Miniature

La Gloriette

Awaiting you are crunchy popcorn, fluffy cotton candy, light crepes, hot waffles, and an assortment of cold sandwiches.

Join us for a monumental family dining experience!

Waffles at France Miniature

Reusable Dishware at France Miniature!

We at France Miniature take pride in our commitment to sustainability, proudly utilizing reusable dishware across our dining venues. For more than two years, our dedicated teams have been implementing this eco-friendly initiative, ensuring that all our on-site dining services embrace this practice. Opting for durable alternatives significantly diminishes our environmental impact and aids in safeguarding our planet. Join us in making a meaningful change by reducing the reliance on disposable products and embracing a greener, more respectful approach towards our environment. - February 15, 2024



On the outskirts of the French map, a mix of indoor and outdoor attractions awaits, offering fun activities for families to enjoy together. From challenges and acrobatics to thrills and laughter, there's something for everyone.

Convenient amenities are also on hand, including restrooms, picnic areas, restaurants, snack bars, reception areas, and a shop for souvenirs.

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