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France Miniature sortie grands parents plan du parc

Park Map

Plan Your Tour of France

Upon arrival, you'll receive a map of the park; get ready for an exploration of France across 5 hectares!

The attraction areas are located halfway through the tour of the miniature heritage monuments, providing a fun break.

Would you prefer to start or end with the attractions?

The route is marked and numbered, but everyone is free to choose their own path. Picnic areas and food outlets are marked on the map, allowing you to plan for delightful breaks 

Interactive Monument Guide

Visiting France Miniature just got more exciting and seamless with our downlodable interactive PDF. This comprehensive document includes explanations for all 117 monuments in the park, conveniently translated into one easy-to-use format.

Simply scan the QR code located on the park map provided at the entrance counter. It's user-friendly and environmentally friendly - saving the planet while enhancing your experience. Get ready to enjoy two benefits in one go !

Photo of a boy at France Miniature enjoying his visit

Map of our Zones