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Cécile Saboureau: Portrait of an Exceptional Woman

France Miniature and  Cecile Saboureau


Woman, athlete, from Élancourt, and paratriathlete, all these reasons led France Miniature to support her.

Picture of Cécile with her running prosthesis in front of miniature tour eiffel at France Miniature


Meet Cécile Saboureau, a remarkable French paratriathlete who's not ony a multiple-time national champion but also clinched the European PTS2 title in 2023. Based in Elancourt, she trains locally with the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Triathlon club and has her sights set on some major sporting events in 2024.

France Miniature proudly supports Cécile, embracing values like inclusivity, resilience, and personal growth while celebrating her local roots. Throughout the year, we're following her journey closely, sharing videos and photos on social media that showcase her incredibile dedication and determination. From adapting prosthetics to training in swimming, running, and cycling. Cécile's journey takes her across France from Marseilles to Paris and beyond. Who knows? You might even spot her at the park!

Photo of France Miniature team with Cécile Saboureau in front of miniature tour eiffel

French heritage also includes sports:

It is with this project of supporting an exceptional athlete that France Miniature began this human adventure. By sharing moments of exchange with Cécile Saboureau about her journey, her challenges, but also her victories, all the members of France Miniature grow through this meaningful encounter. A unique experience for the employees: to have a track cycling baptism at the National Velodrome of Saint-Quentin-en-yveleines with a top-notch coach.