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Gothic Glaze


This Gothic abbey, constructed by Benedictine monks from Montmajour in the 12th and 15th centuries, was dismissed by the Pope in 1297, replaced by Hospitaller brothers. The 16th-century Wars of Religion, marked by lootings and destruction, led to the abbey's decline. The church was listed as a historical monument in 1840 on the recommendation of writer Prosper Mérimée. The building's roof is notable for its colorful glazed tiles.


The Southeast

Traverse the Alps and visit iconic Savoyard villages, then head south to witness the Roman ruins that tells tales of our past. Let the gentle aroma of lavender lead you to the picturesque charm of Provencal cottages and the marina of St.Tropez. Embark on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea in just few steps ! 

Le Sud-Est