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Do You Do You Saint Tropez!


In the age of sail, Saint-Tropez was an active trading port. Its activities slowed during the Belle Époque, but it remained a fishing port where tunas, lobsters, sardines, and sea bass were brought to its quays. By the late 50s, this fishermen's village became the "Saint Trop’" for movie stars, singers, and billionaires. The charming village and its police station also served as the backdrop for the iconic film "The Troops of Saint-Tropez" starring the famous Louis de Funès.


The Southeast

Traverse the Alps and visit iconic Savoyard villages, then head south to witness the Roman ruins that tells tales of our past. Let the gentle aroma of lavender lead you to the picturesque charm of Provencal cottages and the marina of St.Tropez. Embark on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea in just few steps ! 

Le Sud-Est