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Nancy, the City of Golden Gates

In the heart of Nancy, Lorraine, Place Stanislas exemplifies French classicism, regarded as one of Europe's most beautiful royal squares and an 18th-century architectural gem. Since 1831, a statue of Stanislas Leszczynski, former King of Poland turned Duke of Lorraine, stands at the center, commemorating his son-in-law, King Louis XV.

Model Maker's Anecdote


Miniature Place Stanislas of Nancy

The ornate gates of the miniature city of Nancy at France Miniature are just as impressive as the real gates on the actual square.


The East

Relish the cozy atmosphere of Alastian villages with their half-timbered homes. Admire the serene Vosages and the unique Art Nouveau heritage of Nancy's Place Stanislas, or the esteemed vineyards of Beaune, the capital of Burgundy wines. Take a remarkable journey through the grandeur of Eastern France!