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Conquering the Peaks!


France is home to some of the most stunning mountains in Europe, adorned with picturesque villages that attract tourists globally. The traditional homes in these regions are chalets, charmingly constructed from stone and wood, embodying the quintessential alpine lifestyle. These chalets not only offer a glimpse into the architectural heritage but also immerse visitors in the serene beauty of the mountainous landscape.

Model Maker's Anecdote


Miniature Savoyard village

For each of our regionally typical villages represented in the park, model makers have recreated the architectural style, vegetation, and regional atmosphere... A typical French regional house takes a week to build.

VIllage savoyard miniature

The Southeast

Traverse the Alps and visit iconic Savoyard villages, then head south to witness the Roman ruins that tells tales of our past. Let the gentle aroma of lavender lead you to the picturesque charm of Provencal cottages and the marina of St.Tropez. Embark on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea in just few steps ! 

Le Sud-Est