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Roman France Comes Alive!


Dive into the heart of the Rhône Valley where the ancient theater of Orange, a gift from the veterans of Julius Caesar's Second Legion to the world, stands majestically. Built in the 1st century BC under Emperor Augustus, its renowned stage wall has echoed with the spectacles of Roman times. Marvelously intact, it claims the title of Europe's best-preserved Roman theater.

Model Maker's Anecdote


Miniature Orange Amphitheatre

The Orange theater's miniature is distinctively crafted from very dense foam, on which model makers have performed outstanding painting and aging work.

The Southeast

Traverse the Alps and visit iconic Savoyard villages, then head south to witness the Roman ruins that tells tales of our past. Let the gentle aroma of lavender lead you to the picturesque charm of Provencal cottages and the marina of St.Tropez. Embark on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea in just few steps !