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The Children's Favorite Monument


At the behest of Louis XIV, Colbert proposed creating a fort on the Atlantic because the Rochefort arsenal was highly vulnerable to English raids. However, the construction of the fort was abandoned due to the cost. Napoleon I resumed the idea and completed its construction in 1859.

This fortification served as a French defense against the English before being used as a prison. Abandoned by the army in 1913 and restored at the end of the last century, it now serves as the setting for the famous TV show Fort Boyard.

Did you know?

Fun fact !

A quirky walk by the miniature Atlantic, stopping at La Rochelle's tiny port lets you see the Fort Boyard model up close. The miniature Fort Boyard even features a tiger in the lookout at the top of the model! The Fort Boyard monument at France Miniature is an attraction by itself.

Ford Boyard Miniature

The West

Enjoy the Atlantic coast, from La Rochelle harbor to Fort Boyard. the Breton coastline and medieval castles lead to Mont-Saint-Michel, before reaching the Normandy coasts along the miniature English channel.  The scenic landscapes feature distinctive cottages amid lush pastures, offering a splendid exploration of this distinguished region.


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