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Long Live Brittany and the Bretons!


With its elegant silhouette towering over the West valley, Chateau of Josselin is one of Brittany's finest, known for its dungeon, tall stone towers, and striking Gothic facade. Built in the 14th century by Olivier de Clisson, it's a mix of medieval and Renaissance styles. Visiting Josselin Castle's model is a great part of exploring miniature Brittany, going through miniature Auray, and heading to Brittany's edge.


The West

Enjoy the Atlantic coast, from La Rochelle harbor to Fort Boyard. the Breton coastline and medieval castles lead to Mont-Saint-Michel, before reaching the Normandy coasts along the miniature English channel.  The scenic landscapes feature distinctive cottages amid lush pastures, offering a splendid exploration of this distinguished region.


L' Ouest