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Castle Chronicles

Venture back to a 12th-century medieval fortress, where only the keep stands tall today. Fast forward to 1515, when Thomas Bohier sparked the transformation of Chenonceau Castle into the Renaissance gem we marvel at.

Famously known as the "Ladies' Castle," its story weaves through generations of women who crafted its beauty and safeguarded its legacy, making it the crown jewel of the Loire Valley, a proud UNESCO World Heritage site. Learn more about the castle of chenonceau at France Miiature.

Model Maker's Anecdote



Miniature Chateau of Chenonceau

In the park, the viewpoint over the Chambord Castle model and the miniature model of Chenonceau Castle presents an interesting comparison of scale.

Château de Chenonceau

The Center

Discover majestic castles, mountains terrains, and the volcanic landscapes of Auvergne.Unveil the grand central region's treasures, from the opulent Loire Valley castles, legacies of French royalty, to Limoges' Benedictins station, dubbed "Europe's most beautiful station."

Le Centre