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A Castle With a View

With six towers crowned by machicolations and topped with pepperpot roofs, Chateau of Val is perched on the reservoir lake of the Bort-les-Orgues dam in Upper Auvergne.
Built by Guillot d'Estaing in the 15th century on the foundations of a very old fortress,this castle has been a proud possession of Bort-Les-Orgues, Cantal, since 1953. It's history encapsulated in stone and water.

Model Maker's Anecdote


Chateau of Val in Miniature

Imagine a castle surrounded by a serene mini-lake, complete with sailing boats around the model. Yes, Chateau of Val in miniature offers a picturesque snapshot of Upper Auvergne's splendor, right here at France Miniature.

Château de Val

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Discover majestic castles, mountains terrains, and the volcanic landscapes of Auvergne.Unveil the grand central region's treasures, from the opulent Loire Valley castles, legacies of French royalty, to Limoges' Benedictins station, dubbed "Europe's most beautiful station."

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