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The Crown Jewel of Gothic Art

Chartres Cathedral is not just any cathedral, it's the pinnacle of France's Gothic masterpieces. Partly built in 1145 and rebuilt over twenty-six years after the fire of 1194.
Chartres Cathedral is the quintessential monument of French Gothic art.
Its expansive nave, adorned with stunning sculptures from the mid-12th century and breathtaking stained glass from the 12th and 13th centuries, makes Chartres an unrivaled architectural gem.

Model Maker's Anecdote


Miniature Chartres Cathedral:

As you wander from the Île-de-France in miniature, the Chartres Cathedral model captivates with its iconic green roofs.

Cathédrale de Chartres

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Discover majestic castles, mountains terrains, and the volcanic landscapes of Auvergne.Unveil the grand central region's treasures, from the opulent Loire Valley castles, legacies of French royalty, to Limoges' Benedictins station, dubbed "Europe's most beautiful station."

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