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An Exceptional Village!


Situated in the heart of the Libournais region, at the intersection of the Bordelais, Saintonge, and Périgord areas, this medieval town globally famous for its exquisite wines and unique monolithic church, now recognised as a "cultural landscape" by UNESCO Worl Heritage. It's celebrated as an exceptional example of a historical vineyard landscape that has been perfectly preserved.

Did you know ?


Fun fact !

During the inauguration of the Saint Emilion village model, Stéphane Bern was named the monument's ambassador, and the Jurade brotherhood of Saint-Emilion even made the trip to France Miniature!


The Southwest

Set off the Basque Country, the Landes forest, and majestic fortresses. Experience the distinctive architecture of the southwest, from castles and religious sites to enchanting villages. Travel from Albi to Toulouse, visit Lourdes, or explore the renowned village of Saint Emilion - immerse yourself in the expanse of France's largest region.

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