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Welcome to Versailles


Constructed under Louis XIII and later expanded by Louis XIV,  The Palace of Versailles was designed by the greatest architects of the time: Le Vau, Le Brun, and Le Nôtre. Versailles symbolizes both the Monarchy and the Republic. It served as the residence of the kings of France up until the Revolution. Today, it hosts the Congress of the Parliament, bridging past and present. The Palace of Versailles stands as a magnificent example of 17th-century French art.

Did you know?


The miniature model of the Palace of Versailles was unveiled at the park in 1992, following strong demand from visitors. It's one of the largest models in the park and the third most expensive miniature monument, following the Stade de France.

The miniature Palace of Versailles

In the park, the models of the palace and its gardens cover a vast ground representation, spanning over 200 square meters.


The North and Île-de-France

Experience the beauty of Northern and Ile de France's miniature landmarks. from the gothic Notre-Dame de Paris to the grandeur of the Lille Stock Exchange and Amiens Cathedral. Explore the distinctive French heritage architecture, featuring belfries, spacious squares, quaint villages, and modern monuments like miniature Stade de France.

Nord et Ile-De-France