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From Saturday, October 7, to Sunday, November 5, 2023 France Miniature adorns itself in Halloween colors and transforms into a comically frightening universe: the monuments are invaded by bats, spiders, skeletons and other curiosities

Do you dare to take part in the terrifying treasure hunt ?

Find out who stole the jewels of Queen AlienOs of the Pumpkin ?

Clues can be found throughout the visit, hidden in the various monuments of the park or held by horrible creatures... On the program: a treasure hunt, distribution of candy, and many other surprises…



Halloween à France Miniature Alienos
Halloween à France Miniature livret de jeu
Halloween à France Miniature bretagne
Halloween à France Miniature Carcasonne
pirate à France Miniature

And also, mysterious animations*

Happy Halloween !

On Saturday, October 21, the first day of the All Saints' Day holidays is celebrated with singing and dancing: funny characters invite you to a ball... wizards. (with the Calibeurdaine association.)

On October 29, 30 and 31, funny creatures will come to France Miniature to help you find who stole the jewels of Queen Alién’Os of the pumpkin. Entertainment with the Circocriollo Company.


*Entertainment at no extra cost to the park entrance price. From 1 p.m.

sorcière à France Miniature