The West

Rediscover the Normandy pastures, traditional cottages and flowering apple trees... overlooked by the mystical Mont Saint Michel. Delight in the Breton coastline and its medieval châteaux, as well as the port of La Rochelle and the famous Fort Boyard, the Atlantic coast's must-see monuments!

The Mont Saint-Michel

The abbey at Mont-Saint-Michel has attracted countless pilgrims. Used as a fortress during the 100-Years’ War, it became a prison during the French Revolution.

Founded in
3 million
visitors per year

Port of La Rochelle

This was the most eminent French port in the Middle Ages thanks to wine and salt trading.

Built in
the 10th century
Cultural event
Les Francofolies

Breton Dock

The Breton port's granite houses and church bell tower give way to a few fishing boats coming back to land.

Main activity

Fort Boyard

This fortification was used to defend the French from the English before being turned into a prison.

under Louis XIV
Site of a
famous TV show

Haras du Pin national stud

Leading royal stud, it is the "Versailles for horses". From a bird's eye-view, the buildings are in a horse-shoe shape.

under Louis XIV
world heritage site

The Colleville-sur-mer American Cemetery

This sanctuary of the Normandy Landings on 6th June 1944 is home to over 9,000 Carrara marble tombstones spread over the 70 hectares of land situated in the town of Colleville-sur-Mer.

Built in
June 1944
Site granted to
the American government

Vive le roi Arthur !

Attempt to release Excalibur as King Arthur did and become the king of the kingdom.

Fort comme un boyard

Go, go, lift the weights and resist the longer to become master of the game!

An anecdote from the model maker

Far from the issues faced by the original site (gaining access, getting stuck and unstuck in the sand), the reproduction of Mont Saint Michel was a great experience. "During the construction-phase, we spent some time on the actual site, taking photos, collating plans and drawings to make sure our model was as faithful as possible to the original. We can often be seen assailing the abbey and surrounding village armed only with brushes and gold leaf to regild the archangel positioned on top of the spire! "