The South-West

Home to the Basque Country, the area of Les Landes, majestic fortresses and more, discover the unusual architecture and original features of the châteaux and religious monuments, from Albi to Toulouse, not forgetting Lourdes. Don't miss the village of Saint-Emilion, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Cathedral of Sainte Cecile d'Albi

An original, Gothic masterpiece, this fortress symbolises the Catholic victory over Cathar heresy.

Built in
the 13th century
world heritage site

The Village of Saint-Emilion

Medieval site famous for its world-renowned wines and its monolithic church, now listed as a "cultural landscape" on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Founded in
the 11th century
Food & Drink
Grand cru status

Notre-Dame de Lourdes Basilica

Catholic sanctuary renowned for miracles since the Blessed Virgin appeared before Bernadette Soubirous.

Start of construction
World's greatest
pilgrimage site

Cordouan Lighthouse

The oldest open sea lighthouse, this "Versailles of the seas" is 68 metres high and shines 40 kilometres in all directions.

Built in
Between Royan, Vaux sur Mer
and Pointe de Grave


It is the largest fortified site in Europe, originating in Gallo-Roman times with a 3km-long double surrounding wall and 52 towers.

Built from
the Gallo-Roman period
until the Middle Ages
world heritage site

Conques village

A stage on the Saint James' Way, the Sainte-Foy abbey-church is a masterpiece of Romanesque art.

Sainte Foy abbay-church:
built in the 11th
and 12th century
world heritage site

An anecdote from the model maker

This is an exceptional work of art and the model makers would have loved to build a replica. The park's monuments are scaled down to 1:30, but the space available is far from this scale! In reality, this cable-stayed bridge crosses 2,460 metres of the Tarn valley. At a scale of 1:30, the Millau viaduct would stretch over 82 metres! Suffice it to say that it would end up going from Chambord all the way to Carcassonne!