The South-East

Roam the Alps and the traditional villages of Savoie, admire the Roman remains, a testimony to our past, and finally enjoy being guided by the sweet smell of lavender and delight in the picturesque Provencal homes, the St Tropez marina, and more.

Place Bellecour

Initially a parade ground, a century later it became a public square in the heart of the town.

Built in
the 16th century
3rd biggest square
in France

Traditional Savoie Village

In this region, people traditionally live in chalets built from stone and wood.

Regional produce
abondance, beaufort, emmental, reblochon cheeses

Orange Amphitheatre

Built during the reign of Augustus, it is one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world.

Built in
the 1st century
world heritage site

Saint-Antoine Abbey

Designed in a Gothic style, this abbey was built by the Benedictine Monks of Montmajour.

Built from
the 12th to the 15th century
the Aubusson tapestries

The Arles Amphitheatre

Just like the Colosseum in Rome, these amphitheatres witnessed 4 centuries of gladiators and wild animals coming head to head.

Built in
world heritage site

Saint-Tropez Marina

This fishing village became the "Saint Trop'" of stars of the silver screen, singers and millionaires during the 50's.

Built in
the early 20th century

Aux portes de l’écluse

Splashhh ! Contrôle l’eau que tu libères pour produire de l’énergie et deviens le maître du barrage hydroélectrique.

Soulève les containers

Lift containers using the grapnel, and become the master of the port of Marseille!

Sonnez les clarines

Ding-ding, clop-clop !
Agite les clarines, écoute les différentes sonorités et deviens le maître de la transhumance.

Did you know?

In 1080, Bruno and six companions asked the bishop of Grenoble for an area of wasteland in the mountains of his diocese. He built a small retreat in St Pierre de Chartreuse which became the birthplace of a major meditative order. This monastery is completely devoted to silence and to the monks' prayer and is not open for visits.

The community can host anyone wishing to experience a retreat in a Carthusian monk's cell.