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The North and Ile-de-France

Come and admire the most beautiful Parisian monuments in one place, the most sumptuous palaces passed down from our Kings of France and discover the Gothic and Flemish architecture in the cities of Amiens, Lille and Arras.

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The East

Feel the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere emanating from the timber frame houses in the Alsatian villages, come and admire the blue line of the Vosges and the unique Art-Nouveau heritage in Place Stanislas in Nancy, as well as the prestigious vineyards of Beaune, the capital of Burgundy wine.

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The West

Rediscover the Normandy pastures, traditional cottages and flowering apple trees... overlooked by the mystical Mont Saint Michel. Delight in the Breton coastline and its medieval châteaux, as well as the port of La Rochelle and the famous Fort Boyard, the Atlantic coast's must-see monuments!

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The Centre

The breadbasket of France, with mountainous terrain and volcanoes, come and discover the châteaux of the Loire Valley and don't miss the famous Benedictine station in Limoges, rightfully nicknamed "the most beautiful station in Europe"!

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The South-West

Home to the Basque Country, the area of Les Landes, majestic fortresses and more, discover the unusual architecture and original features of the châteaux and religious monuments, from Albi to Toulouse, not forgetting Lourdes. Don't miss the village of Saint-Emilion, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The South-East

Roam the Alps and the traditional villages of Savoie, admire the Roman remains, a testimony to our past, and finally enjoy being guided by the sweet smell of lavender and delight in the picturesque Provencal homes, the St Tropez marina, and more.

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